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About The 20ft Shipping Container Home For Sale

Experience minimalist living with this sleek and compact 20ft shipping container home for sale. Designed for efficiency and sustainability, this innovative dwelling offers a modern lifestyle in a unique space. Explore the potential of tiny home living with this versatile and affordable container home.

This 20ft shipping container home for sale is constructed from a 20ft shipping container and offers a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and work space. It is versatile, as it can be trailer-mounted or parked in a specific location. The interior is designed to let in plenty of natural light through 80+ square feet of windows, supplemented by directional LED lighting. The flooring is ceramic tile, and the home is wired for surround sound.

Equipped with new appliances such as a Mitsubishi Mini-Split Heat Pump, Tankless Hot Water Heater, Dometic Convection Oven Microwave, Two Burner Electric Stove, and Dometic Undercounter Refrigerator, along with a Schlage Smart Entry Lock. The cabinets are hand-made and there’s a hydraulic full-sized Murphy bed with a Casper Mattress, as well as a drop-leaf breakfast bar.

The bathroom features a 3×3′ solid acrylic shower pan, ceramic tile on three walls, and a traditional home toilet. For those interested in off-grid living, the unit comes with two solar panels (195 watts each), two enphase M215 microinverters mounted on the roof, and the potential for off-grid conversion in the bathroom with some DIY work.

This home is ideal for various uses like a backyard office, accessory dwelling, or a standalone tiny home suitable for year-round living. It boasts 3 inches of closed-cell spray foam insulation on all walls, floors, and ceilings (R-20). For DIY enthusiasts, it can serve as a great customizable space or a starter shell to add off-grid features of your choice.

Power options include either a 30 Amp or 50 Amp power source, water connections offer dual 3/4″ threaded inputs and a rapid-fill 1″ inlet, and the drain is a RV 3″ floodgate.

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