Prefabricated Detachable Tiny Home (Flat Pack Modular House)

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About The Flat Pack Modular House For Sale (Prefabricated Detachable Tiny Home)

Find your perfect home in our flat pack modular house for sale. This innovative dwelling offers a flexible and convenient living solution that can be customized to suit your lifestyle. Step inside and envision a cozy and welcoming space designed to meet your unique needs and preferences. Embrace the simplicity and functionality of modular living with this thoughtfully designed home that can be easily assembled and adapted to your changing requirements. Explore the endless possibilities of creating a personalized and comfortable living environment with our flat pack modular house for sale. Your dream home awaits, ready to be tailored to your individual style and taste.

The best thing about this Flat Pack Modular House For Sale is that it can be built in a given time and used for a variety of purposes. The interior can be converted and toilets can be added.

Detachable container application: Detachable container house is widely used in accommodations, offices, workers’ dormitories, temporary classrooms, container rooms, creative hotels, shops, booths, removable bathrooms/toilet, restaurants, etc. We will provide a full set of professional drawings to display the designed container house, including hydropower drawings, and 3D preview drawings. All drawings can be completed within 3 days. 3D preview drawings may take a week.

Advanced design concept, use new energy-saving panel and interior decoration, making accommodation container house by standard production line and process. We could design accommodation container house according with different projects requirements. In the accommodation, we can supply full assembly such as bed, desk, closet, air conditioner, independent shower room and toilet room.

External Dimensions(L*W”H)

Standard : L6000*W3000*H2700mm

(Custom size available)
Main frame
Steel pipe  2.3mm thickness  2.5/2.75/3.0 for options 
Wall panel
rockwool panels or foam panels  50mm thickness  EPS/PU/ GLASS WOOL 
Roof panel
50mm Insulation material + decorative ceiling
OSB board  18mm thickness 
Security door with lockers and keys 
Weight (Ibs)

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  1. Zoey (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the customer service. They were emailing me to make sure I received everything and to answer any questions I had.

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