10×4 Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed with Full Floor System

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  • Color: Unfinished Wood
  • Material: Wood
  • Style: Lawn, Outdoor
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Door Style: wood
  • Assembly: Required Yes


About The 10×4 Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed For Sale

This 10×4 Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed For Sale is a compact yet practical structure designed to provide storage space for various items such as tools, gardening equipment, bicycles, outdoor furniture, and more. Constructed from durable wood materials, it offers a sturdy and weather-resistant solution for keeping your belongings organized and protected from the elements.

With its ample size, this 10×4 Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed For Sale can easily fit in a backyard, garden, or outdoor space without taking up too much room. The wooden construction adds a rustic and natural aesthetic to your surroundings, enhancing the overall look of your outdoor area.

  • Assemble your own shed with all wood pre-cut and ready to assemble with full customization options
  • Dual access points allow you to easily store lawn mowers with easy access to everyday items
  • Space-saving design is ideal for smaller backyards or to place next to a fence or home
  • Upgraded, heavy-duty floor system offers 35% more strength than standard floors
  • Lots of vertical storage space for things like shelving units and long-handled tools
  • Diamond-plated threshold protects the entryway from water and ensures a safe first step inside every time
  • Superior protection against hail, wind, and moisture using LP SmartSide siding
  • 10 -year limited material warranty, 50-year limited warranty for LP SmartSide
  • Shingles, hardware, paint, caulk, and tools not included

Additional information

Weight880 lbs
Dimensions53.5 × 124.9 × 99.6 in

2 reviews for 10×4 Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed with Full Floor System

  1. Penelope O (verified owner)

    Had great step by step instructions. Was an easy weekend project especially for two seniors putting it together. The only item that needs to be addressed is most of the holes were to small and gave us fits trying to get the screws in. Had two concerns that was addressed by the company. Would we use this company again YES. Would we recommend this company to family and friends YES. Good value for the product.

  2. Carter LLJ (verified owner)

    It was a little tricky to assemble, but it went together well. The door is easy to use and secure. We’re quite happy with how it turned out.

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