Prefabricated Container House. 20ft x 19ft x 8 ft Prefab House


Prefabricated Container House | 20ft x 19ft x 8 ft Prefab House | Foldable House | Prefab Tiny Home | House to Live in | Container House | Tiny House | Portable House.

  • Color: Red
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Style: Modern
  • Top Material Type: T50mm flame retardant purification foam board
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Ultraviolet Light Protection: yes
  • Assembly Required: Yes


About The Prefabricated Container House For Sale

  • Premium Material: Our prefabricated container house for sale is made of high-quality steel and aluminum alloy frame, which is sturdy and durable. The exterior is made of environmentally friendly and waterproof sandwich panels, with a flame retardant foam and aluminum magnesium thermal insulation.
  • Electrical System: Electrical wiring is installed in strict accordance with moisture-proof specifications. According to the circuit engineering specifications to connect the circuit, 2 indoor LED lights, 2 ceiling lights, 3 five hole single socket, 1 single open, 3 10 hole socket, 1 air conditioning socket is provided.
  • Large Space: The size of our Prefabricated Container House For Sale is 20ft x 19ft x 8ft, which provides a large living space for you and your family. The interior space is divided into two bedrooms, sitting lounge, kitchen and washroom. The spacious design allows you to have a comfortable and stupendous living environment.
  • Convenient to Move: Our prefabricated container house is easy to move and install. It can be installed on flat ground or on a trailer. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, saving your time and effort.
  • Multi-Functional: Our prefabricated container house can be used as a house, office, store, dormitory, etc. It has a variety of uses and is suitable for different needs. It is also a perfect choice for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hiking.
  • Weight (lbs): 5260, Dimensions (in): 232, 238, 97.6


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