Dual Portable Toilet And Bathroom (Mobile Restroom w Sink 110V)

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  • 1/2″ female inlet ports for hot & cold water
  • 3″ black water/waste exhaust flexible hose (easily slide your 3″ PVC pipe onto flex fitting for waste)
  • 1″ PVC water outlet exhaust port (for sink water)
  • Model Number: 110V Public Restroom with Double Close Stool
  • Material: High-Temperature Resistant Paint
  • Floor Material: Rigid PVC board
  • Wall Material: Internal UV board, with a layer of plywood on the outside
  • Door: Security Door


About The Dual Portable Toilet And Bathroom For Sale

This 2 Private Stalls Portable Restroom (Dual Portable Toilet And Bathroom For Sale) is designed to provide porta potties to construction sites and special outdoor public events for people’s convenience. This portable restroom booth gives you peace of mind that you can have a clean and simple restroom in outdoor celebrations and events.

From our available outdoor portable restrooms for sale, the Dual Portable Toilet And Bathroom For Sale features a toilet, a sink, a light, and an extractor, and it is a full-service portable restroom kiosk that is similar to a bathroom in your house. Restrooms and toilets are an everyday, inevitable part of life, and we understand your urgency, we want to bring pleasure and cleaning to you.

If this Bastone 2 Private Toilet Stalls Portable Restroom is used on a construction site, we recommend you connect toilets to the sanitary sewer system and connect water to the pipe system. If not, you may need tanks outside the structure for waste.

Additional information

Weight1058 lbs
Dimensions4.3 × 7 × 7.7 in

1 review for Dual Portable Toilet And Bathroom (Mobile Restroom w Sink 110V)

  1. David (verified owner)

    I’m delighted with this restroom – it’s perfect for our outdoor events

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