Fully Furnished Mobile Container House On Wheels

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  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Metal
  • Item Weight: 4900 Ibs
  • Dimensions: 959 x 1020 x 2385 inches
  • Style: Modern


About The Fully Furnished Mobile Container House On Wheels

From our fleet of Mobile Container House On Wheels, experience the convenience of our fully furnished mobile container house on wheels. This innovative dwelling offers the perfect combination of functional design and luxurious comfort, complete with all the furnishings you need for a ready-to-move-in experience. Embrace the freedom of a mobile lifestyle without compromising on style and convenience. Explore the possibilities of modern living on the go with this unique and fully furnished mobile container house on wheels.

  • Spacious Living: The size of this fully furnished mobile container house on wheels for sale to live in is you have two options is 5.8 * 2.3 * 4.2 M and 7.8 * 2.3 * 4.2 M offering more space than typical shipping containers. Ideal for 1 and 2 bedrooms lofts ,with 1 living room and with( Fully Furnished Kitchen and bathroom ) Safety and Durability: Constructed with C89 Light Guage Frame with Width 89 MM With 3 Anxels American style trialer, this container home prefabricated is waterproof and It’s earthquake-resistant (grade 8)
  • Expandable Design: This specially designed mountain style flat pack modular container camper portable trailer mobile tiny home house on wheels easy to transport. Simple and for that you don’t buy any place you can only need a car drive with your home! Electricity: electricity parts and transfer with full electrical wiring to USA standards, providing flexibility for customization.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various high, middle, and low-grade buildings, including commercial housing , campsites, temporary , backyard guest house, and more Installation: This prefab house has no accompanying staff to dismantle and install,its come Fully Furnished Kitchen and bathroom already installed all the things with your choise.
  • We Have One room Loft and tow Room Lofts Size one room Loft Size is : 5.8 * 2.3 * 4.2 M Size Two room Lofts is :7.8 * 2.3 * 4.2 M
  • Transportation: this belongs to the oversized goods, the logistics channel used is truck delivery, unloading requires you to prepare a crane, because of the overweight, can not be unloaded with a forklift Mountain Style And Flat Pack Style

13 reviews for Fully Furnished Mobile Container House On Wheels

  1. Natalie W (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase. This house exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and comfort

  2. Brian K (verified owner)

    The delivery was delayed by 4days, but the house itself is solid and came as expected. Enjoying my new mobile home so far.

  3. Adam L (verified owner)

    The interior design did not meet my expectations. Disappointed with the overall look

  4. Steven W (verified owner)

    Incredible design and craftsmanship. This house is my new favorite. Highly recommend!

  5. Jessica D (verified owner)

    Decent house on wheels for the price. Wish it came with more storage options.

  6. Micheal T (verified owner)

    Had some issues with the plumbing at first, but customer service was quick to resolve the problem. Overall satisfied with my purchase

  7. Burke W (verified owner)

    Received the wrong color interior since I did not specify. Quality is average although everything else came as expected.

  8. Emily R (verified owner)

    Love the mobility and convenience of my new home. Great for road trips and spontaneous adventures

  9. Sarah M (verified owner)

    The size was smaller than expected, but the quality is decent for the price.

  10. Mark J (verified owner)

    Enjoying the freedom of living in a house on wheels. The cozy interior makes it feel like home.

  11. Tammy L (verified owner)

    This trailer house is great quality. Size was not exactly what we ordered. However, everything else is fantastic. Addition… we LOVE this house! Even though it was too small, it works fine and deserves the price. Customer service is amazing! I would recommend in a heartbeat! Love the quality!!! Looking forward to summer!

  12. Burke W (verified owner)

    Fast delivery! Mine came a day earlier than expected. Thanks!!!

  13. Brady K (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with my new house on wheels! The design is impressive and the functionality is top-notch. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

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