40ft Refrigerated Shipping Container



About The 40ft Refrigerated Shipping Container For Sale

Enhance your storage and transportation capabilities with our 40ft refrigerated shipping container for sale. Imagine having a spacious and reliable solution for preserving and transporting temperature-sensitive goods and products. Picture the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing your perishable items are kept at optimal temperature levels throughout their journey.

  • Type: Reefer Container
  • Length (feet): 40′
  • Capacity: 28cbm
  • External Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm): 6.058*2.438*2.591Meters
  • Internal Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm): 5.443*2.29*2.271Meters
  • 40ft container: Shipping container
  • Used container: 20GP used shipping container


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